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The Translatery is the preferred partner of numerous European and global technology companies, whenever they need technical translation services. Our skilled staff, our streamlined processes and our excellent price-value ratio makes us an ideal choice for the translation of operating manuals, technical documentations, safety data sheets and more.

When providing technical translation services, we take our responsibility very seriously. The idea behind technical translations is to enhance the operational safety of machines and different devices, whenever these are operated or used by your customers abroad. The intention of your technical documentation is often to protect human life, material assets, or the environment. If you sell your technology abroad, it is imperative, and more often than not a statutory obligation, to provide the users with manuals in their own native language. With our services, obtaining professional technical translation services at high industry standards is not a problem anymore. Contact us and benefit from our fast and reliable services. We look forward to hearing from you!

Technical manuals
Safety documentation

Reliable Technical Translation Services

When it comes to the global marketplace, accommodating your non-English speaking clients, partners, and customers is absolutely imperative towards ensuring the success of not only your international endeavors, but of your organization as a whole. At The Translatery, we provide exceptional technical translation services specifically designed to ensure that documents like operating manuals, maintenance manuals, and further technical documentation are correctly and clearly translated into the native languages of those who will read them.

For instance, our technical translation services help to ensure that the personnel who use your products understand how to use and operate a machine. In addition, our services will also ensure that your business will comply with all legal provisions set by EU directives.

If you’re searching for a reliable translation company, look no further. The Translatery offers a professional technical translation services specifically designed to help you offer your services and products to the global market. With foreign language versions of technical documentation, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be in full compliance.

At The Translatery, we pride ourselves on our ability to help our clients reap the benefits of entering into the global marketplace. By successfully translating all of their technical documents into the native languages of those who will rely on them for instruction, we can ensure a successful entry and presence for years to come.

We only work with native technical experts to translate your texts. Each of our translators have years of experience translating and in technical fields related to what you offer. In addition, we can work with all common file formats used in a number of different technical fields, including everything from Office files to CAD applications used to create technical drawings – we’re your one-stop-shop.

The deliverables include but are not limited to:

  • operating manuals
  • owner's manual/user guides
  • handbooks
  • maintenance manuals
  • specifications
  • data sheets
  • risk analyses
  • job safety analysis
  • safety data sheets
  • technical drawings
  • and further technical documents.

We translate your technical manuals

The Translatery is the preferred partner of numerous tech companies, whenever accurate and clear technical translations matter. Creating technical documentation in a foreign language is a very complex task. Several important factors play a role in order for these documentations to fulfil their purpose, which is being reliable reference work for operation personnel who do not speak English as the first language, or do not speak English at all. If you choose us for your technical translations, you can rest assured that the foreign language version of your technical documentations will have clear and well-structured sentences, easy-to-follow instructions and will use the correct industry-specific terminology. With all these features, your translations will enhance site safety in the plants abroad where your machinery is used. Choose our translation company for the accurate and reliable translation of any technical data.

Our Process

In order to perform our technical translation services, we use industry-specific software called CAT tools, which are text editing software applications that allow us to integrate data banks into the text during the process. This aids us throughout the process to ensure that the translations of all relevant terminology remains consistent throughout the text, ultimately saving us time and saving you money through a completely streamlined service.

And most importantly, we work within all of the directives set by the EU professional organs, including the machinery directive regarding technical documentation. Our translations are easy and simple to read, so that operators and users can understand quickly exactly how your machines function. With short sentences, clear and concise titles, and simple wording, we’re able to offer a clear document that your clients will be able to understand.

Need the translation of instructions for use?

Creating the foreign language instructions for smaller devices is always a good idea if you sell these gadgets or household devices abroad. Nobody likes to get lost in complex technical instructions for use, written in an other language than their own mother tongue. Our experienced technical translators will make sure that your instructions will be as clear to follow in the foreign language version, as they are in the original. Your benefits include, amongst other things: less misunderstandings, less customer complaints, less paperwork.

Confidentiality & Data Security

We comply with all industrial confidentiality statutory provisions, and where necessary, are happy to sign an additional confidentiality agreement with our clients. Confidentiality in the field of technical translations is not only a formality, though. We have organizational and technical measures in place to protect innovative, patented technology descriptions, business secrets and more. We maintain with all of our translators confidentiality agreements and regularly invest in anti-spyware technology to protect your documents online and offline. We have successful cooperations with renowned technology companies from across Europe and hope to greet your valued enterprise soon among our satisfied customers. Contact us with confidence if you need technical documentations to be translated.

Technical translation services to enhance site safety

If your technology is used abroad, it is of paramount importance that the operating or maintenance personnel fully understands your instructions. Only this way can it be ensured that they can follow the description of the correct handling of your machinery. Our experienced technical translator staff has years of relevant expertise with the translation of technical documentation. We have created foreign language technical documentation for the automotive industry, for agricultural machines, for the petrol industry, for computers, and for several highly specialized industry areas. Contact us and experience fast deliveries, high quality work, and transparent pricing.

Unbeatable price-value ratio

When it comes to technical translation services, our translation company might not be the cheapest in the market, but we provide our client with an excellent price-value ratio, transparent pricing, and with a number of discount options. How is it possible for us to beat many other providers in terms of competitive rates, while maintaining high quality? The answer lies within our streamlined processes and in the translation technology we integrate in our processes to enhance quality. Thanks to our CAT tool "arsenal", we are able to integrate terminology data bases into the technical translation process and to create such term banks with every new project. The technology has a control function too, by intervening, wherever human mistakes would happen. Especially in the case of modular and repetitive texts, we can offer our clients massive discounts for their technical translation projects.

Translating manuals/user guides

Another very important area of technical translation services constitutes the translation of user guides for end users for technology that is sold for private households. The manuals of household items, such as microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners, water boilers, or computers, electronic devices, such as watches, and more, need to be translated into the official language of your target market in order to inform your end users about the correct use of your products. Besides complying with statutory regulations, these translations will result in enhanced user experience. Thereby your customer service will be disburdened and you increase brand awareness abroad, as your existing and prospective clients will see that you take your market presence in their home country seriously. Our technical translators will make sure that your user guides and technical documentations will be translated correctly into any foreign language.

If you’re interested in our technical translation services, contact us today.