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Do you need a certified translation?

Whenever you need translations for official use, that is, translations that you need to use in courts or in front of state authorities, you need a certified translation. This is where our translation agency comes into picture. We can provide you with certified translations that are accepted in most EU countries. Whether it is international litigation, family matters, inheritance, visa, work permits, studies, or further personal matters, we serve you with certified document translations. Fast deliveries, accurate work and transparent prices feature our services.

We serve private individuals and companies with certified translations in all official EU languages and all major global language pairs. You need our services, amongst others for the following types of documents

  • birth certificates
  • marriage certificates
  • diplomas
  • degrees
  • transcripts of records
  • court documents
  • apostilles
  • notary documents
  • correspondence in connection with litigation
  • and many more
Court documents
Birth certificates
Marriage certificates
Educational documents
Last wills and testaments
Licenses, permits

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When certified translations are needed

Certified translations are needed whenever foreign documents have to be presented to authorities, courts, and other official bodies. Certifications can be carried out in multiple different ways and they are regulated differently country by country. With the Translatery at your side you have a reliable translation partner covering your back whenever you need certified translations. With our unique services, our clients will be able to communicate with local authorities worldwide without the language barrier. Our corporate clients value our services mostly because of the fast and hassle-free ordering processes and deliveries, and our competitive pricing. These clients use our certified translation service when they need translations for courts and local authorities abroad, e.g. for filing for patents, purchasing/leasing property, or for taking part in international litigation. One of the main advantage of the certified translation service of our translation company is our expertise in the different country-specific regulations regarding certified translations. Whether our clients need certified translations in Germany, France, Italy, Austria or in further EU countries, they are at the right address with us. We can also provide our clients with certified translations that are officially accepted in China, Russia, Japan, Singapore, in the Arabic world, or in African countries. Due to this wide-ranging knowledge and the strict quality measures we apply with each project and with each client regardless of the project size, we are a popular choice when certified translations are needed on a budget or in a short time frame.

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When personal documents need to be translated with a certification

When translating personal documents, extremely sensitive data, namely, personal data is being handled. These are protected by different regulations, including the newly reformed European GDPR as well as by local laws. When providing certified translations for private individuals, our translation agency has in place strict confidentiality measures from the very first step in order to protect the personal data of our clients. These measures include technical and organizational steps. We do not upload personal documents to project management platforms where multiple, also external providers would be able to reach these documents. Also, we disclose the content of such documents to no third parties. Even within our own organization structure only those professionals have access to these documents who need to work with them in order to provide the service. The access is regulated on a strict need-to-know basis. Your personal data is always in secure hands when you order your certified translations from the Translatery.

Yes, you can use our services if you need certified translations abroad

Our translation company has years of experience with certified translations that need to be presented for foreign courts and authorities. Communicating with foreign authorities can be intimidating for many individuals and even for businesses as they might not know the procedures or requirements regarding communication processes in a foreign country. This is where our expert translators can help you. With our expertise, you will be able to file applications, objections, apply for citizenship or give up your current one, take part in litigation in front of foreign courts and more. Also, if you live in a country with English as an official language and you need to present foreign language documents to the local authorities, we will provide you with a reasonably priced and high quality certified translation service. We can handle everything from birth certificates through divorce papers to complex legal documentation. Contact us for a free quote if you need certified translations at home or abroad.

Law firms and internationally active companies choose our certified translation service

Apart from private individuals, many law firms and internationally active companies choose our services when they are in need of a certified translation. Our fast and efficient processes, our open ear for individual requests and challenges and the tailored solutions we provide are just a few arguments on why our certified translation service is so popular among these market participants. Internationally active companies need a provider at their side that can cope with communication challenges in multiple language combinations, oftentimes simultaneously. These tasks require specific tried, tested, and proved solutions to make communication efficient and to eliminate the language barrier. In the case of certified translations, legal requirements must be fulfilled. The Translatery offers its internationally active clients full service certified translations in a wide variety of language combinations and subject fields.

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