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If you are doing business in French-speaking countries or regions, it is of paramount importance to have by your side a reliable provider of French translation services. The Translatery offers small and medium-sized businesses in EU countries and beyond professional French translations in various topic areas. Whether it is marketing, commercial, technical, legal, or medical content, our clients can rest assured that they receive from us impeccable French translations made by native professionals with years of relevant experience. Additional benefits of our services include fast and hassle-free ordering processes, rapid response times, quick turnaround times, quality control on multiple levels, and complete solutions to save our clients time and money. Contact the Translatery if you need professional French translation services.

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Expert French Translators at Your Disposal

Millions of people speak the French language around the globe. While it is the official language in France and Belgium, French is also present in official or semi-official status in North African countries, Canada, and several island states. In such a geographically dispersed and multi-faceted language, quality translation services play an important role in global business communication. That is why our translation company makes sure that our clients receive excellent and flawless French translations regardless of the topic area. We have access to the expertise of tried-and-tested French translators and integrate human and software-based quality control steps in each project to make sure that the high quality of your French translations is ensured beyond the human attention span. We can serve you with professional translations between English and French in a wide range of topic areas with our approach. Whether it is engineering, finance, general commercial topics, contracts, agreements, or even certificates, your French translation project is in the best hands with the experienced French translators at the Translatery. Contact us today for a free quote if your company needs translations into French. We would be glad to provide you with a free quote or estimate.

Need Legal French Translations?

When it comes to legal topic areas, accuracy, in-depth knowledge in the legal systems and terminology, and confidentiality play central roles. To ensure that you receive impeccable French legal translations from the Translatery, we work in this topic area only together with native professionals who, based on their experience and/or credentials, can fully understand and translate legal contents between English and French. Because we insist on working together with experienced and qualified professionals in legal fields, many law offices and internationally active businesses choose our translation services when contracts and agreements need to be translated into or from French. If your specific needs are for legal disputes, we can provide you with certified French translations that will be officially accepted by courts and authorities in your home country or abroad. Whether it is civil law, commercial law, corporate law, or even penal law, our French translators will provide accurate and precise French legal translations. Confidentiality in all of these and several other areas is guaranteed and ensured on multiple levels. Contact us with confidence if you need French translations in legal topics. We look forward to hearing from you.

Technical Translations Between French and English

Suppose you sell technology to a French-speaking region, such as France, Belgium, or North Africa. In that case, the Translatery is here for you to translate your manuals, handbooks, and further technical data into or from French. The goal of the French technical translations is to make your instructions, especially with regards to the safety instructions, linguistically accessible, understandable to your target audiences in France, Belgium, etc. Often it is a legal obligation to provide end-users or operational and maintenance personnel with the French version of your instructions, manuals, and handbooks. This is, for instance, the case in EU countries. We translate operating manuals, user guides, handbooks, technical and safety data sheets, and further technical documents between French and English.

In French technical translations, there are several benefits of using our services, valued by many technology companies in our clientele. Discount possibilities with repetitive and/or large texts, the possibility to work directly with specific source formats, or terminology management for long-term projects are only a few extras that make us the preferred provider of many European tech companies selling machines, plants, and devices into French-speaking regions worldwide. Contact us for a free quote if you need technical documents to be translated into French.

We Translate Commercial Content Into French

Whether it is basic sales content, such as presentations, brochures, catalogs, or specific content, we have optimized processes to translate these important business documents into French. Sales contents play a crucial role in a company's global success, which is why we take our responsibility very seriously whenever these texts need to be translated between French and English. We will ensure that your marketing contents will be as engaging and persuasive as they are in the original language. When it comes to marketing translations, the process is often described as transcreation. We apply this technique whenever a cultural adaptation is necessary apart from the language translation tasks. Our clients get print-ready, content-optimized content for French-speaking markets with this approach.

When our clients need website content to be translated into French, we can help on multiple levels. We have experience with several CMS platforms that are used by modern businesses. Therefore we can provide fast French website translations at optimum rates. The content we provide is also SEO-optimized if necessary for the specific topic area.

Our globally active clients prefer to use our French translation services when they need catalogs, brochures, flyers, or company magazines to be translated into French. We can work with all software used to create these documents. These complete solutions, i.e., the combination of translation and editing tasks, can save our clients massive amounts of time and money. Contact us if you need the French translation of business documents. We look forward to your inquiries.