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After serving businesses in the German market (since 2007) for more than a decade and several years of successful projects in the U.S., our translation company, the Translatery is now open for business for EU-based and global clients as well. One of the main advantages of our services are the relatively small team of translators, by which we have full control and transparence over process and product quality.

Our Translation Company

With Genuine Commitment To Quality

We use an ideal combination of technology and human work force. So our translation services are predominantly "hand-crafted" by native, human translators. Technology helps us only in identifying repeating patterns in your text so that we are able to use the correct terminology consistently, also in the cases of longer texts, or when your project runs over a longer period of time. With translation technology we are able to manually set up terminology data banks, which also helps us in using your terminology correctly and consistently. Apart from the obvious advantage of enhancing quality, these tools enable us to provide you with several discounts if your texts are highly repetitive or redundant, which is, for example, often the case with technical translations.

It is important to mention that we DO NOT use automatized solutions for creating translations. In our translation company, all translations are created by human, native and expert translators who have years of experience in relevant fields. All translations are proofread before delivery.

Hand-picked translators for optimum match between their skills and your needs

As stated above, the advantage of the small team lies in the full control over process and product quality. With each project, we check first, which of our translators have the right skill set for our clients' needs. This approach not only ensures enhanced quality but also keeps the number of people to see your texts on a minimum necessary level, which again, is an important factor in protecting your data.

There are several further advantages, The Translatery can offer to you. To find out more about our services, contact us for a free quote! We are looking forward to your inquiries and are happy to take care of your projects, no matter how big or small, how complex or how specific. We are here to make international communication smooth for you!