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Translation Services In Wide-Ranging Subject Areas

Our translation company is your one-stop source for translation services in a range of topic areas. Thanks to our access to translation professionals with versatile skill sets, we are able to provide you with excellent translations in legal, marketing, technical, and medical subject fields. If you need certified translations, no problem for us, either.

With our interdisciplinary approach we save our clients precious time and money, as they do not have to look for different providers, whenever a new topic comes up in their everyday business conduct. In today's complex business life, engineering companies might have to deal with legal matters, and law offices might have projects with technical contents (e.g. patents and licences). So if you are looking for your translation partner, it is of paramount importance to trust an experienced company that can provide you with translations in all the topics that your business might come across with. And that is exactly why we are here for you. Contact us if you need legal, technical, commercial or medical translations. All European languages, and all major language pairs are available.

Legal Translation Services

Our legal translation services are not only for law offices and attorneys. Whenever there is a contract, an agreement or a court document to be translated, The Translatery is there for you.

Technical Translation Services

If you sell machines or other technical devices to foreign countries, you want to make sure that the operating personnel abroad understands and thereby can follow your instructions. We are more than happy to take care of your technical translation needs.

Commercial Translation Services

For the promotion of your products and services abroad, our commercial translation services are the ideal choice. Our marketing translators will make sure that your texts are as engaging and persuasive as they are in the original language.

Certified Translation Services

Whenever authorities, courts or other official entities are involved in the process, you'll need a certified translation. In such cases it will be proved that the translation are complete and correct and that the translation was made by a professional party.

Software Translation

Whether it is a GUI, operating software, apps, or gaming, software texts often have to be translated between languages. Using automated translations is a mistake as in many cases it is of vital importance that the operating personnel clearly understands your instructions. To make sure your software translations fulfil their purpose, turn to our translation company.

Medical Translations

Medical documents often have to be translated if a person was treated abroad. Whether it is for the insurance company to settle the costs, or for the next doctor who can gain important information from these documents, you need for your medical translations the high level of accuracy and reliability The Translatery can provide you with.

If you need translations in any of the above areas or beyond, contact us!