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High-quality Legal Translations

Are you looking for a reliable provider to translate legal texts? At The Translatery, we are legal translation experts and can help to translate your contract, agreement, legal document, and much more. Whether you’re an individual with a single document in need of translation or a corporate client with sales contracts, purchase contracts, employee contracts and more that require a translation, The Translatery can help.

For our legal translation services, we always provide native translators who posses the proper translating skills and relevant legal experience and knowledge. For us, nothing is more important than offering the services of tried, trusted, and proven professionals.

We guarantee timely delivery of your documents through a comprehensive fail-safe process of organizational and technical measures that include daily safety backups, constant process monitoring, and even project automation to help save time.

Our quality control team consists of at least two linguists behind each and every translation. One linguist translates, while the second proofreads the document. Each and every translation is checked on its content and consistency to ensure that it is correct and complete by the time we deliver it.

Our expert legal translators create for you the foreign language versions of, among others:

  • all kinds of contracts and agreements
  • patent documentation
  • court documents, such as judgments, decisions, sentences, rulings
  • legal documents for online use, such as privacy policy, terms of use
  • corporate documents, such as Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Minutes, Licences, Permissions, and more

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We translate contracts for you

Whether it is a sales contract, an employment contract, a purchase or a leasing contract, if you intend to use your legal documents abroad, or they originate from an other country, to eliminate even the slightest possibility of costly legal misunderstandings, you need to have your contracts professionally translated. The Translatery is your expert source for legal translation services. Our experienced staff will make sure that your legal texts will be clearly and correctly translated between languages. We make sure that no information will get lost during this linguistic, and thereby often cultural, transfer. At our translation company, several safeguards are in place to make sure that your legal translations say exactly the same in the different language versions.

Translation of court documents

One of the most common legal contents we deal with are court documents. Companies and individuals that are conducting business in the international marketplace often have to use court documents abroad to prove a certain legal situation. Whether you need someone to translate your judgements, verdicts, files, court orders, court records or other court papers in the fields of civil law, penal law, or corporate law, we are here to help you with fast and reliable service. In this service segment, we make sure that the legal translator working with your texts has in-depth understanding of both judicial systems, i.e. that of the source language and the target language, to make sure that your legal translation is not only linguistically correct but also with regards to content. Should you intend to use your translation officially, we can provide you with certifications that are accepted in EU countries, in the USA, as well as in a range of further countries.

The Price Is Always Right

At The Translatery, we’re focused on providing optimum-cost, high-service for our clients. We offer a competitive price value ratio, so that our clients can leverage our services and receive maximum value with each and every project.

We’ve been able to optimize our services for our clients by employing a small, devoted, and talented team of linguists and translation experts who are able to complete projects quickly through our streamlined process. And with such a small team, you can count on completely personalized care and service every single step of the way.

Don’t settle for the low-cost, low-service providers. In today’s world, low-cost, low-service providers have completely flooded the market. And while you may think that you’re receiving maximum value for their services, the reality lies in the fact that these providers don’t offer the comprehensive, professional, and timely services that we offer our clients at The Translatery.

Confidentiality & Security

When it comes to legal translations, nothing is more important than ensuring strict confidentiality and security for our clients. In order to ensure nothing but the highest level of security and confidentiality, we’ve adopted a manual project handling process, where our hand-picked translators work on your project manually. We never use online project platforms to upload texts that multiple users can review.

Instead, the only people who see your documents are the people who need to see it. Our translators and proofreaders are experienced, well-trained, and dedicated towards ensuring the utmost level of security for our clients with each and every project.

We even have our translators sign confidentiality agreements with each project. And because we’re an EU-based company, we’re forced to comply with GDPR rules. The Translatery complies with all EU and national laws regarding data protection and confidentiality.

Our legal translation services are the ideal choice...

…when you intend to buy property abroad

Whether you are a private individual, planning to buy a property abroad or a company that is buying a new production site or other premises, these kinds of business transactions always include huge investment sums and with that high risk, so every detail of a purchase agreement matters. Even if you speak the language at a very good level, you should not rely solely on your foreign language knowledge when you are dealing with complex legal content. Our experienced and expert legal translators are here for you to translate legal paperwork in connection with your property purchase. This service segment is also recommended for realtors who want to provide their potential clients with contracts and agreements in multiple languages.

…when you form a company abroad

Company formations abroad can have very different reasons and backgrounds. Often you need a subsidiary in a foreign country, because the parent company is expanding. Sometimes you need a much deeper access to the target market. Sometimes the reason is outsourcing or tax optimization. In all these and in several other cases our translation company is there for you if you need company formation documents, such as Bylaws, Minutes, Articles of Incorporation, and more, to be translated between languages. Use our discreet and confidential services for the professional translation of legal paperwork.

…if you employ staff from abroad

No matter what field your enterprise is active in, employment contract are always part of your everyday business life. If you have subsidiaries abroad or you employ foreign staff in your home country, often it is necessary to translate employment contracts between languages. We have specialized legal translators for the translation of contracts and agreements in the field of employment. With our services, you will enable your foreign employees to fully and completely understand the terms of their contract, your work and safety instructions and any further regulations that might be in place at your workplace. Maybe you are looking for a translation company to have your company's code of conduct translated? In any of these or other cases, the Translatery is your reliable source if contacts need to be translated.

…for international litigation

If you conduct business globally, there will be fascinating experiences, when getting in contact with foreign cultures and markets. Unfortunately, you will also often need to deal with legal processes with entities abroad. Whether it is a patent or copyright infringement, cease and desist notices, indemnification or other damage compensation cases or more, the Translatery is here for you to take care of the translation of any legal paperwork in connection with your current case. Our translations can be certified so that they are officially accepted by foreign courts. With our services, you have a strong asset in your hand to eliminate the language barrier to the communication with courts and law offices abroad.

…when you have inheritance documents in foreign languages

An inheritance from abroad has much wider aspects than just the financial point of view. While the conduction of a lot of organizational tasks, also in terms of taxation, is required, these processes can also be very emotional. The Translatery provides hassle-free, non-bureaucratic and fast legal translation services at transparent and competitive pricing, whenever testaments, last wills and related materials have to be translated.

Law offices choose our legal translation services

We work together with several law offices in different EU countries and support them with legal translations for international cases and processes. Whether it is family law, corporate law, commercial law, or even penal law, we have the right resources to provide our clients internationally with the accurate translation of legal documents. Law offices choose our services because of the wide range of legal translator profiles they have access to when ordering from us. We can support their legal processes also with the certification and notarization of the translations, if necessary. Apart from certified legal translations for EU countries, we can support you with translations for the U.S., for Australia, the Arabic world, Russia, China and Japan.

So, if you require a top-notch team to complete your legal translations, contact us today.